Gallery of metal-works

Here are some pictures showing metal-works making a unique bespoke electric gate. metal-works can make any gate you have designed or can design the gate for you. Whether you like arrow heads or a floral design metal-works will build you the perfect design to border your perfect home.

Metal-works was asked here to add a new security gate entrance. This required metal-works to cut a hole into a perimeter bush and install a very strong security gate that didn't look out of place. Do you think we succeeded? We here at metal-works do!

Who do you know that can cut a building in half? metal-works can! Here we have removed the rear of a building and replaced it with a simple but effective fire exit. (And we got to use a crane! Fantastic!)

Here metal-works has made a unique but classical set of driveway gates. These gates are not electrical but are still elegant and classical in design. We think these gates add a perfect finish to this property.

This business premises had a problem with their fire escape. People were illegally gaining access to there premise via these stairs. This had to stop! So metal-works installed a security gate and fence that exactly matches the existing staircase in both colour and design.

Metal-works loves a challenge and this was certainly that! This gentleman came to metal-works with a problem. He has a love for camping in his large campervan but also has a passion for motorcycling. How can he combine the two? Well metal-works has the solution. We created a powered lift / tailgate for his camper van so all he has to do is drive his bike onto the platform and push a button and the bike is lifted off the ground and secured to the back of his vehicle. Perfect!

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